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Windows Phone App Dashboard lets Windows Phone App Developers keep a track of their app ratings and reviews in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

It lets you keep a track of how your apps are performing in the marketplace. Got a 5 star rating or a 1 star rating ? Want to reach out to the user ? Click on the User ID in the rating to open your Zune inbox on the web and drop in a message to the user.

With Windows Phone App Dashboard, you can track as many apps as you want. Simply enter your app-id and you are ready to go.

Note : Right Click on the Application - Click on Run as an Administrator for the application to run effectively

App Dashboard lets you manage a list of your Windows Phone apps. Add your apps by using the App ID

Your app id would be the string after the apps – Like in the above link , the app id is 3d6137fa-d7fe-4f11-bfcc-ab3cabf4dab8


Add apps and choose the marketplace to which you submitted your app


Click on the user who gave your app a rating and your browser will open your Zune message inbox and you can drop a message to the user . The user will get a mail notification about the message you sent ( provided he / she has not enabled the option to not receive message from anyone )

Pro Tip : Try to send a meaningful message . Something like ” Hi . Thanks for Downloading Accelera for Windows Phone . I am the developer of the app – Let me know if you have any suggestions . You can mail me at “


Keep a track of all the users rating your apps right from your desktop


See how your app is performing in different marketplaces.


We are Windows Phone enthusiasts / developers and we are really very excited about all the work Windows Phone Developers put into making their apps just beautiful. This app is just a tool to help these amazing developers.

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